Auto Maintenance in Chicago, IL

Auto Maintenance in Chicago, ILAll cars and trucks require general auto maintenance from time to time. Scheduled services such as oil changes, filter replacements and fluid flushes need to be conducted to prevent breakdowns and ensure your vehicle continues to operate at peak performance. You can see when your car is due for service by checking the maintenance calendar in the owner's manual. When it is time for scheduled auto maintenance in Chicago don't hesitate to make an appointment with Trans-O-Matic!

Oil Change

The most frequent service required by any car or truck is the oil change. Oil changes are completed for most vehicles every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. The oil change process cleans out the engine while ensuring that there is sufficient lubrication between the motor's internal moving parts.

30/60/90K Maintenance

Many services are necessary every 30,000 miles. During 30/60/90K maintenance your vehicle may undergo a fuel filter replacement, air filter replacement, receive new spark plugs and spark plug wires, fuel system cleaning, battery services, belt and hose replacement, computer diagnostics and more.

Fluid Flush Services

Your vehicle uses a number of specialized fluids to operates its various systems. At certain mileage points these fluids need to be drained and refilled to ensure they are free of contaminants that could cause harm to the system the fluid operates in. We can complete a coolant flush, power steering fluid flush, differential flush or brake fluid flush for your vehicle.

Timing Belt

If your vehicle is equipped with a timing belt it is vital to have it replaced at the recommended mileage point, which for many cars and trucks is between 75,000 and 100,000 miles. If this belt is not replaced it could snap, which will cause the engine to be thrown out of sync; resulting in massive damages.

Tune Up

Tune Up Services in Chicago, ILDoes your car not seem to be running quite right? A tune up can be performed to help restore performance and fuel economy. A tune up is generally unscheduled, yet routine and minor auto maintenance that helps keep the vehicle performing its very best. Head to Trans-O-Matic if you believe your car is in need of service.

By keeping up with factory scheduled services your vehicle will be much less likely to suffer some sort of breakdown. To make an appointment for professional auto maintenance in Chicago call Trans-O-Matic at (773) 570-4539. Since 1965, we have helped Chicago stay on the road.

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