How to Find a Great Auto Repair Shop in Chicago

How to Find a Great Auto Repair Shop in ChicagoWhen searching for auto repair people are often left guessing which neighborhood shop is going to treat them and their car with dignity, honesty and respect, and which will be the shop that continuously finds more and more problems that need repair. In order to ensure that you find an auto repair facility that is going to do you right be sure to look for a few key qualities. It doesn't always have to do with the lowest prices, although, affordable labor is always a major plus. These are four things that you should seek out when searching for auto repair in your neighborhood.

ASE Certified Technicians

To ensure that your car is treated right at the hands of professional auto mechanics be sure the shop employs ASE certified technicians. Automotive Service Excellence is the auto repair industry organization recognized as the standard for testing the skills of up and coming mechanics in technical and person skills. When you seal the blue seal of ASE you can feel good about bringing your vehicle to that particular auto shop.

Warranty Maintenance

If your vehicle is under warranty be sure to locate a shop that can handle factory service and maintenances. Some shops may advertise that they can complete factory maintenance when in reality they will not be able to follow through with their services because they don't utilize the latest computer diagnostic and repair equipment of have access to the correct parts and fluids to do so. Be sure the shop you choose will be able to complete these important tasks. They should also offer a warranty on other services they conduct.

Full Service Auto Repair

When you're having car trouble you need a mechanic that can get to the bottom of the problem, no matter what is causing it. Seek out an auto shop that offers true bumper to bumper services and uses modern computer diagnostic equipment to pinpoint issues, ensuring fast and accurate repairs every time.

Use of OEM Parts

The use of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts ensures that the parts will fit properly and act just as the parts that did when installed new on the car. These are the highest quality parts available for your car or truck.

If you need an auto repair shop in Chicago that meets all of these requirements be sure to visit Trans-O-Matic on Irving Park Road. Our team is highly skilled at all types of auto repair and maintenance for all makes and models. To learn more about our services or to schedule expert auto repair in Chicago give us a call at (773) 570-4539 today.

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