Creating a Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Plan

Creating a Fleet Vehicle Maintenance PlanMany businesses depend on a fleet of vehicles to get to appointments, deliver goods or services and for a variety of other reasons. In order to ensure those vehicles are dependable and will be able to make it to every place they need to be in order to keep your business running smooth you should develop a fleet vehicle maintenance plan with a professional auto repair shop.

What does a commercial auto maintenance plan include?

When creating a fleet vehicle maintenance plan the first thing you need to do is to collect all available service records for each vehicle in your fleet so they can be handed over to the auto mechanic shop that you select to look over your fleets mechanical needs. The mechanic will then know the current condition and past history of each vehicle. If your vehicles are older the mechanic may find that some of them will need immediate attention. In any initial auto checkup make sure the technician checks for any brake problems, transmission or engine issues or fluid leaks.

Once any immediate problems are taken care of speak with the mechanic about creating a scheduled maintenance plan for your business' vehicles. The mechanic will likely have suggestion for each vehicle about how often it should be serviced, depending on its age, mileage and any historical issues it has already had. Preventative maintenance to fleet vehicles will often include oil changes, filter replacements, coolant flushes, transmission service and more.

What should drivers know?

It may be suggested that you bring a fleet vehicle in every 3 months or 3,000 miles, but find out what the vehicle manufacturer recommendations are for certain services, as they could differ from your mechanic's plan. Once a system is in place with the mechanic that you selected to maintain your fleet, create a driver communication plan. Drivers should be taught about what to look for in their vehicles to identify any potential issues so they can be immediately reported before the problem gets worse.

Having all your fleet vehicles maintained at one location will ensure you're getting expert auto service for your business. When you need fleet vehicle maintenance in Chicago head to Trans-O-Matic on W. Irving Park Road. Our professional auto repair technicians service all types of fleet and personal vehicles, big and small. For all your needs regarding auto maintenance in Chicago give us a call at (773) 570-4539 and we will be glad to schedule you an appointment or answer any questions.

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