Transmission Repair in Chicago, IL

Transmission Repair in Chicago, ILTrans-O-Matic has been servicing the cars, trucks and SUVs of Chicago for more than 50 years. At our full service transmission repair center we work on foreign and domestic vehicles with both automatic and manual transmissions. Regardless of the issue your vehicle is suffering from, we can find the best solution to remedy it. When it is time for transmission repair in Chicago, it is time to call Trans-O-Matic!

Automatic Transmission Repair

Today's automatic transmissions are highly advanced machines. With the assistance of onboard computers, automatic transmissions are able to provide maximum fuel economy and precision power distribution. If you hear squealing or whining sounds while shifting, experience delayed shifting or if you spot a transmission fluid leak, be sure to give us a call right away to schedule service.

Manual Transmission Repair

Cars and trucks with manual transmissions are becoming more rare every day, but that doesn't mean we aren't able to service them. Call Trans-O-Matic to schedule an appointment for manual transmission service if your car refuses to go into one or more gears, creates grinding noises as you shift, or pops out of gear.

Allison Transmission Repairs

Allison Transmission Repairs in Chicago, ILTrans-O-Matic performs Allison transmission repairs for all types of large fleet, commercial and personal vehicles. Our technicians are factory trained to use the Allison DOC diagnostic software in order to complete fast and accurate diagnostics and transmission repairs for fleet vehicles in Chicago. We regularly service RVs & motorhomes, buses, distribution trucks, construction trucks, mining trucks, delivery trucks, food trucks, energy trucks, aircraft refueling trucks, tractor trailer trucks, firetrucks and more. We'll go over every corner of your vehicle's transmission to ensure that the problem it is experiencing is fixed right the first time. We complete the same repair services as the dealer, but at a significant cost reduction. When you need Allison transmission repairs in Chicago don't hesitate to contact the professional technicians at Trans-O-Matic.

Clutch Repair

Our team is capable of performing clutch repair for manual transmission vehicles. Common signs of clutch failure include a burning smell while shifting, the vehicle falling out of gear, or a spongy clutch pedal. In some instances of trouble the clutch linkage will only need an adjustment, while a new clutch plate will be necessary in other scenarios.

Transmission Maintenance

All cars and trucks require routine transmission maintenance at certain mileage points to keep everything shifting smooth. You can visit Trans-O-Matic for factory scheduled transmission service for any make and model. Transmission maintenance includes draining the tranny fluid, removing and cleaning the pan, and replacing or cleaning the filter, if applicable.

Transmission Rebuilding & Replacement

Transmission Rebuilding & Replacement in Chicago, ILIn some instances the best way to fix a transmission issue is to rebuild or replace the it. We can discuss your options for your car to identify the best possible solution when you visit us for initial diagnostics. We always use original equipment manufacturer parts when conducting rebuilds or replacements, ensuring the job is done right.

Transmission trouble needs to be addressed as soon as you notice it to prevent it from getting worse. To schedule transmission repair in Chicago give Trans-O-Matic a call at (773) 570-4539. All of our services are backed by an excellent warranty that will have you driving worry-free.

"Rebuilt my transmission and this truck runs better then the day I bought it! These guys are great and very reasonable."

"My car's transmission was actually very funky. I took it to the dealer and they told me i needed a whole new trans and it would cost me $1,500 and two weeks without my car. I took it to Trans-O-Matic and for 10% of the dealer's quote, they found that I only needed a new sensor. I saved huge cash and gained a lot of respect for these guys."
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